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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Laurel Valley Plantation

For those interested in seeing a few short clips from our visit 2 Laurel Valley Plantation please visit our YouTube channel at the link

Friday, September 28, 2018

USPS Facilitator Training Class 92818

Thanks to our Great Instructors:
LaToya McCray and Manny Fortunato
Images can be downloaded HERE
Photo ©Manny Fortunato

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Friday, June 2, 2017

Newark Post Office Memorial Day Observance 2017

The Main Post Office in Newark NJ
held an observance for Memorial Day on May 26, 2017

It was well attended by Postal Military Veterans, and other Employees.
Thanks to Postmaster Carmen Fede for allowing this event, which none of us can remember ever happening before 
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nadiyah Prom

 I took a few shots at my Co-workers Daughter, before her Prom.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dr. Adams

 Over the last 16 years, while in classes, 
I have watched this woman GROW.
She first turned our dining room into her library and study place, with books and papers all over the table and floors, and chairs.
Then she turned our bedroom into her study room, with a folding table, books and papers all over the place.
Now for this Doctorate Degree, We turned our daughters old  bedroom into an office and workspace with plenty of space for books, praying, and jumping around. 
She bought the furniture, and I put the furniture together, layed the floor, and painted. She even has a small pull out futon, for when she was sleepy, but needed to remain in that "Space". It has been a journey! 
I have pulled up in the driveway sometimes, and you would think someone was killing her .She was being "Purged".
I've watched as she studied, studied, and studied to show herself "Approved", as I just  "let her be". 

I am SO VERY PROUD of her, and "Thankful to God", because as she "Grew"...so did I!
Congratulations to my Beauty...
Dr. Wanda Adams

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Divinity Missionary Baptist Church 32nd Anniversary

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May 17, 2017 Pastor Niles Wilson
Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church, East Orange NJ

 May 18, 2017 Pastor Reginald ThomasGreater Harvest Baptist Church, Newark NJ

 May 21, 2017 Early Service- Pastor Russell Fox Sr.
Wayne Ave. Baptist Church, Trenton NJ

May 21, 2017 Regular Service- Our Very Own
Dr. Byron E. Lennon Sr.
Divinity Missionary Baptist Church, East Orange NJ


Friday, May 12, 2017

Divinity Bible Institute Commencement North Carolina 2017

Hello World!
This year I was able to go to the North Carolina Commencement of Divinity Bible Institute.

My wife got her Doctorate ( you will hear my feelings on this, after the New Jersey Commencement next week)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Carmen Fede ...Newark Postmaster Swearing In Ceremony

Good Evening World!
Although I have no pictures of my performance, I was Honored and Blessed to participate in the Swearing in of Carmen Fede as Postmaster for Newark NJ.
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Carmen was my Manager in Irvington, and Belleville Annex before taking positions in Management in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.
He was sworn into his Dream Job as one of Newarks Own.
I was honored to sing The National Anthem, and God Bless America (with a little soul...lol)

The highlight of the day was, after the swearing in, Carmen asked me to come down to the Postmasters Office and sing a Frank Sinatra tune for his Family, the Postal Management, and his Mom who just turned 94.
Of course I sang
"My Way" and then led the crowd, singing Happy Birthday to his Mom, and then went to the street to do my Route ( with help of course...LOL)
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr. Annual Fundraiser 2017

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Congressman John Robert Lewis dances to HAPPY, by Pharrell Williams

Congressman John Robert Lewis dances with Beatrice Payne, wife of Congressman Donald Payne Jr.
The Guest of Honor was The Iconic Civil Rights Activist, and Georgia Congressman, John Robert Lewis.
He told us stories of his childhood, that he remembered, from the age of 4.
Before speaking, he was presented the Key to the City from Newark Mayor, Ras Baraka.
He was elated that his FULL name was inscribed on the key to the City.
He mentioned that he loved his name, and when his mother would call him "John Robert", he knew she meant business.
He also spoke about his Mother always instilling in him to "work hard", and his LOVE of raising chickens in his little town of Troy Alabama.
I am proud to have been there when he got The Medal of Freedom from President Obama in 2011
Also proud to have been there for the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday in Selma Alabama in 2015, when he spoke, and shared the Stage with President's Obama, and Bush
He also loves to dance to the hit song " Happy" by Pharrell Williams.
He danced for us ALSO...LOL

Friday, March 10, 2017

Gary Massa Retirement Party

In 1986, I was forced to a new Route in the Vailsburg Section of Newark NJ. 
Gary Massa, is the son of our Legendary Former Union Branch President, Tony Massa (RIP).
It is a well known fact that " The apple doesn't fall far from the tree", and just like Tony did things His Way, so did Gary.
I worked with Gary as a Letter Carrier for a few years before he went into Postal Management.

He could pitch every route, in every office he went to!
He said what was on his mind, no matter who you were, and he always treated ME the same, no matter WHO was around.
I applaud his Postal Career and wish him God's Blessings in his well deserved retirement.
You can view ALL of the images from his Retirement Party HERE

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Last 44...Day 44 ( President Obama's last 44 days in Office)

Hello World
Thank God for this Day!
Yesterday, a friend of mine on my route who was following this 44 day project, thought that the images I posted were from the internet ( I think he just looked at the pictures, and didn't read the stories)
So this is a Public Service Announcement:
Every image that I post of The Obama's and the White House has my watermark on it somewhere.
I took the shot.
The First Family enters The White House after attending Church Services
The White House North Portico
January 21, 2013

The last image in my series, I purposely saved for last, as The Obama's have said goodbye to the White House today.
How many of you, like me, shed a tear?
Todays image is from President Obama's second Inauguration in 2013.
Instead of hanging at The National Mall, I decided to stay at The White House and wait for The First Family to come from Church, and then leave for the Inauguration.
There were only about 15 of us there, and we were on a Riser in front of the White House.
I truly believe that I was the only Photographer to capture this shot.
I saw everyone else lower their cameras, and I kept shooting.
I LOVE this shot!
Any of these images can be purchased.
Stay tuned for my published book of photos and stories from covering Barack Obama since 2008

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Last 44... Day 43 (President Obama's last 44 days in Office)

Good Morning World
Thank God for another Day!
Today's image in my series is the one that started my journey at 
The White House
This was my very first time at 
The White House.
Thanks to God, and the Team Media Affairs Director John Archibald.
You can see the video from this Event HERE
Have a Blessed Day!
President Obama and NY/NJ Sky Blue FC
Womens 2009 Professional Soccer Champs
The White House East Room
July 1, 2010

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Last 44...Day 42 ( President Obama's last 44 days in Office)

Good Morning World
Thank God for another Day!
Today's image in my series is definitely
one of my all time favorites.
When I first took the shot in The White House East Room, I looked at my camera and realized that I had captured The First President's Portrait and The First Black President with their arms slightly extended.
I have displayed this image in Art Galleries, and named it "The First's" 
The Ceremony was The National Medal of Art's & Humanities.
You can read about the recipients HERE
The First's
President Obama gives remarks at Medal of Art's Ceremony
The White House East Room
March 2, 2011