Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tribute to Coach C. Vivian Stringer (Rutgers Women)


Rutgers wins 60-46.


Rutgers is finally pulling away.
Essence Carson just hit a 3 pointer for a lead of 55-43


What is going on???????
Rutgers is down 38-37 with 7:47 left in game


Rutgers is leading 32-27 wth 11:57 left in game.
Poor rebounding by RU.
They look tired

Rutgers Women vs Depaul

Hey World,
just got here at halftime for the game.
Rutgers has a 4 point lead at the half 20-16.
Essence Carson leads all players with 9 pts.
Rutgers is shooting 37.5 pct to Depauls 21.4 pct
Stay tuned as Coach C. Vivian Stringer goes for win #800

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Daily Routine (video) 2/25/08

Clergy Affairs Meeting

I am at the Newark Clergy Alliance meeting for February.
NEWS FLASH........
There have been 43 days of peace (no homocides) in Newark.

Hittin the Street

On my waaaaayyyyy!!!!!

Good Morning

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day.

Well I guess I have to return to typing and texting this blog.
I have had very few "visits" since I have been mixxong in the videos.
No one is responding to the survey on the blog.
Do you like the video???

As you know, yesterday we went to see The Color Purple for the 3rd time.
Believe it or not, I nodded off a few times.
By far, Fantasia was the best i've seen perform the role of Ceely (did I spell it right?)
I didn't get goosebumps yesterday.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY!!!!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seton Hall Wins (video)

The Hall

1 second left....Depaul has the ball on a timeout
The Hall leads by 2

The Hall

The Hall leads by 2 with 3 seconds left

The Hall

The Hall is up 71-66 with 2:06 left

The Hall

The Hall by 1 point

The Hall

Seton Hall keeps letting Depaul back in the game.
The Hall is up 65-62

The Hall

The Hall has a 10 point lead 10:50 left in the game

Seton Hall vs. Depaul Halftime

The Hall vs Depa

The Hall leads it 27-20

Seton Hall vs Depaul

Seton Hall takes an early lead 18-12 with 10:37 left in 1st half

University Beats Shabazz

Shabazz vs Univ.

University has extended the lead to 12......57-45 with 3:19 letf in game

Shabazz vs Univ.

Univ. Is leading 51-43 with 5:20 left in game.

Shabazz vs University

At the end of the 3rd
University leads 44-43

Shabazz vs Univ

University leads Shabazz 44-37 in the 3rd period

Seton Hall Coverage

My Daily Routine 2/23/08 (video)

Good Morning

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Daily Routine 2-21-08(video)

St Ants Wins

Final score 64-53 St Anthonys
photos to follow

St Ants

With1:45 left in game St Ants leads 56-46

St. Ants

At the start of the last qtr. St Ants leads 45-42

St Ants

2 three pointers by Tyreke Evans and now we have a game 39-36 St Ants

St. Ants

Halftime score is 39-27 St. Anthony


St Ants is up18-6

St Ants

St Ants takes an early 10-4 lead

St Anthonys vs. American Christian

St. Anthonys looks small compared to American Christian.
The game is about to start!!!!

St Benedicts

With 1:48 left in game St B leads 53-38

St. Benedicts

St. B leads 42-29 with 7:50 left in game

St Benedicts vs Benectdine

Hey World,
I am at a doubleheader which is on ESPN.
St Benedicts is in the first game and number 1 nationally ranked St. Anthonys is in the second game.
St. B is leading 28-16

Good Morning

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rutgers wins

Rutgers wins the game 57-51

RU vs ND

Rutgers has just scored 6 straight points.
They lead it 38-33 with 9:41 left in game

RU vs ND

E. Prince leads all players with 11 points

RU vs ND

Score is even 22-22 at the half

Rutgers vs Notre Dame

Yes World...I am back
I am at the Rutgers Womens game against Notre Dame.
Rutgers leads 18-14 with 7:21 left in half


Hello World,
Thank God for another day
Would you believe I am just getting out on the street.
We have a lot of mail today,including gas and electric bills which came in upside down, so they were hard to put in the case.
It's gonna be a looooong day (overtime).
You can see how full my cart is above.
Have a blessed day, and stay TUNED


Monday, February 18, 2008

The Katrina Project

Roof Escape/New Orleans Lower 9th Ward August 2007
Come As You Are/New Orleans French Quarter August 2007

Hello World

Hello World,
Thank God for another day.

I rested most of the day today.
I got up at 2 and watched All My Children.
Jessie and Angie are BACK!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day...

I am at the Green/Mayer Martial Arts Tournament.
I am taking photos and printing on the spot.
First time I have ever done this.
I will make sure that next time I have help. I can't take backdrop shots and cover the Tournament at the same time.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day.

It's another sunny day here in Newark.
No hassle at the job this morning...everything is running smooth.
Thank God.
I have to get some last minute photo supplies for the Green Martial Arts Tournament tomorrow.
I am kind of undecided on a few things.
Photos will be posted throughout the day on the blog.
On another note....Angie and Jessie saw each other on All My Children yesterday.
Angie chased after the train with no luck catching it. I can't wait till Monday (yeah I know.....CORNY)

STAY TUNED ALL DAY EVERY DAY for photos and updates


Friday, February 15, 2008

The Katrina Project

New Orleans Lower 9th Ward Sept. 2006


This is your brain on drugs.....DONT DO IT!!!!!!!

Hit the street

Time to "hit the bricks"

Good Morning

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day...

Its supposed to be 50 degrees today.
The sun is shining brightly.....Beautiful.

My job as shop steward is really trying right now.
My office has the Veteran Carriers in the City of Newark. We all have between 25-40 years as Carriers, and they are trying to intimidate us.

It is really hard when you have 1 or 2 guys who just fall into place with the intimidation.
No matter how many times I talk to my guys, some of them are just afraid.
The Postal Service has accomodations for veteran carriers that we need to take advantage of.
It's just a matter of knowledge.
That's where I come in....constantly reading and fighting for our rights.
Thank God for the knowledge.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Katrina Project

New Orleans Church/Lower 9th Ward August 2007

Fire in Irvington

There was a fire in Irvington tonight on Maple Ave.
It started at #41 and spread to the houses on both sides.
13 People were left homeless ....7 adults and 6 children

Shaheed (Berty) is engaged

Hey World,
Wow....what better day to get married, than Vaentines Day.
It is a beautiful day here in Newark.
The city of Newark was hoping to marry 125 couples today.
The entire Court staff is wearing something red.
They did marry 54 couples and they are waiting for another 5. Godbrother Shaheed got engaged today in Atlantic City to Latisha.
I told Latisha that we all have to meet her to make sure she is the right one for Sha-Rock.
(photo above is Latisha's ring) BLING...BLING

The Elevator....again

In an earlier blog (link below), I told you about my experiences on this elevator at 701 McCarter Hgwy.
Guess what?......It happened again

The Elevator....again

In an earlier blog (link below), I told you about my experiences on this elevator at 701 McCarter Hgwy.
Guess what?......It happened again

On the street

I am on the street, and it is a beautiful sunny day

Wanda and the flowers

Here is the photo Wanda sent me of the flowers.
(photo was taken with her cellphone)

England Visitor

Here is a BIG SHOUT OUT to Andy from Northampton, Great Britain,UK.

That goes to show you that anyone in the world can see what you are doing.

Thanks for checking me out Andy, and spread the word


See story below

Good Morning.....SHHHHHHHH!!!! ( valentines day)

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day.....

Keep it a secret till she gets to work.
I bought a bigger bouquet of roses and took it up to Wanda's job yesterday evening
She will see it as soon as she gets to work.

I will send the picture from my phone, because i took a picture of the 2 boquets next to each other.

talk to you soon


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Katrina Project

New Orleans Lower 9th Ward August 2007

Hey World,

Rain, rain, rain.......all day long.
But I made it through.

Imagine how the people of New Orleans felt as the waters ROSE....and no one came to help.

As most of you know, my cousin DeShong and I have been going back and forth to New Orleans 2 to 3 times yearly since Sept 2006, to photograph and document the devastation and recovery of one of my favorite places in the World..........NEW ORLEANS.

So, to keep you all coming back to my blog, I am going to start posting some of the thousands of images that I have taken in New Orleans.
We are in the process of setting up a web-site with all of the images, so that you may be able to purchase photos in different sizes to help keep this TRAGEDY embedded in our minds.

My motto is: Never4getNewOrleans

I will keep you posted when the site is up, but in the meantime......enjoy my daily views.


Valentines Day

Hey World,
I had to take a break on the street to send this blog.
As you all know (especially you women), tomorrow is Valentines Day.
So I tried to beat the rush by ordering Wanda's flowers last week.
I usually have no problem ordering online....but as you can see by the photo above, It looks like they just threw that little bouquet together.
I am not happy at all :(
Wanda said it doesn't matter "but its love".
Is my love for her that small? (NO WAY)
So I have to make up for that one.
That brings up my next question:
What matters most to you...the GESTURE of love, or the ACTUAL love that someone has for you in their heart?
Please leave your comment in the link below....let me know how YOU feel.


Morning (The Wet Edition)

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day...

It is raining, but I AM HERE!!!
I came out of the house this morning, and almost slipped down the stairs....I had to shovel and throw down some salt.

I am on my way to the street now.
Shout out to my cousin Linda (Aletha) for signing the guestbook.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY.


Looking South on Girard Ave

Looking North on Girard Ave

Well Well Well....
We finally got the snow that was predicted.
It has been a pretty calm winter.

It isnt too much snow, but it was enough for me to cancel the Seton Hall game at THE ROCK
It is supposed to turn into rain and ice tomorrow.
I hope the driving wont be too treachourous

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello World

New Orleans August 2007 (Me,Wanda,Monique,DeShong)

Hello World,
Thank God for another day....

As you can guess, I was off today and I am still in mourning over the Rutgers womens loss last night at the hands of a REFEREE and TIME CLOCK!!!!!
It is snowing here this evening, and it is supossed to turn into ice and rain later tonight.
I am on my way to shoot the Seton Hall vs Marquette Mens game at THE ROCK.
Of course I will keep you updated at the game.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Rutgers vs Tennessee

Tenn is winning 38-37 with 10:20 leftin game.
Rutgers just took the lead 39-38

Rutgers Women vs. The Spice Girls

Hey World,
Here is a sneak peak of the empty stage for the Spice Girls Concert tonight at Prudential Center (The Rock)
I was going to try and get a credential to shoot some of the concert for review, but it is kind of late to make that request on the same day.
It seems like the concert just snuck up on me.
I forgot all about it.

So I guess I will relax at home tonight and watch MY Rutgers Woen beat their nemesis Tennessee.
Wanda said I really don't have a choice, since I couldn't get a press credential this late anyhow (ha ha very funny :) )

I can start editing the photos from Toni and Robert's wedding on Saturday.

By the way......thanks for signing in and leaving comments:
Claudia, June, Mom, and Natalie.
stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY

On the strret

Hey World,
I just hit the street, ready to face the cold.
I'm thinkin warm thoughts right about now.
It's not too bad.



Hey World,
I know that some of you see the photos and wonder....what kind of photographer is THIS guy?

Most of the photos are taken ON THE GO.
I use my cell phone for most of the photos.
If you want to see some of my real work, you can go here:

Good Morning

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day.

I think winter is finally HERE!
The wind outside today is fierce.
I have a bowl of my FAMOUS turkey chili.
I made a big pot a few days ago, and I don't want it to go to waste.
So if you are in my neighborhood (CALL FIRST) ,I will fix you a bowl.

Rutgers women play Tennesee tonight...
GO..... RU!!!!!!
If you have suggestions or comments about this blog,please leave a comment at the bottom of the latest blog.
I definately want everyone to sign my guestbook at the top.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY for updates and photos.

Have a blessed day.....

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello World,
Thank God for another day.

First let me start with last night.
As you know, we had to shoot a wedding yesterday in Plainfield.
Everything went well, and we used the projector that I bought for the first time.
It was a huge success!!!
The wedding was small enough that I could load the pictures into the laptop, while Du continued shooting at the reception.
The crowd was impressed.
Toni and Robert were thankful, and that's all that counts.

Today started out in church at 7:30.
Wanda had a part in the Sunday School Lesson so we stayed for Sunday School and then went home.

I cooked breakfast for Wanda and Toyah, and then Wanda and I went to the movies to see "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins"

2 weeks ago Naimah (Wanda's cousin) wanted to plan a suprise family get together for Wanda (the wife) and June (the sis in law).
We tried to get them to the house by telling them that something happened to Gerard (their uncle).
Unfortunately we could'nt get them here together, and suprisingly Gerard REALLY got carjacked 2 days ago in Newark.
Thank God he only got a few scrapes and bruises.
6 guys tried to beat him down, and he was helped out by a stranger (an angel) riding by.

Anyway....the get together turned out nice, as the family showed their appreciation to Wanda and June.
It was a beautiful gesture .

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day

Well, we have rain in Newark today.
So i'm trying to finish this route, because I have a wedding to shoot at 5.
Stay tuned.........

Friday, February 8, 2008

All My Children

Now I know why I stopped watching soap operas.......THEY LEAVE YOU IN SUSPENSE!!!!!!
I am only watching All My Children because Jessie and Angie are back.
They have been back a couple of weeks now, but they have'nt seen each other yet.
So I Tivo this show every day and watch it when I get home.
I fast forward to the scenes of Jessie and Angie because I don't want to get all wrapped up in anybodys business, except Jessie and Angie.
Yeah I know I sound corny, but I can remember my Grandmother (Unis) watching the "stories" when I was much younger.
I can remember how she got so involved in the "stories" (stop your junk :) )
Its amazing how you see things as a child, and you carry them with you into adulthood.
I also remember my grandmother reading the obituaries everyday in the paper....and now I do the same thing every single day.
Oh well....good memories last a lifetime.
OK.....let me get back to my "stories"



Hey World,
this is a special shout out to Maria from Tweel Furnishing on my route.
She requested to see my blog (i'm honored)


Hello World....
Thank God for another day.

WOW.....I thought it was supposed to be cold today, but it is beautiful in Newark.
Yesterday I was given some tickets to the Devils game tonight.
So Boz and I are gonna check out the game.
I am going to start taking the time to give you more updates throughout the day, so I hope you will come back often, and invite your friends to check out the blog.
If you have any ideas or thoughts, please feel free to leave comments.
Gotta go right now though...the mail is calling.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning World....
Thank God for another day.

I have to shout out my sister's ....Gwen,Risa and Tonya....and my brothers Todd and Chris.
Thanks for the Love.

Hey Mom...I know you say"this boy just refuses to call me"
Just know that I love you with all my heart, and I will take the time to talk to you.

God has just been opening doors, and I am thankful to have family who support me.
I am about to hit the street , so I will hit up the rest of the family a little later.

It's a beautiful day here in Newark.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY