Saturday, February 2, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning World....
Thank God for another day.

I am about to "hit the bricks".
That rain and cold beat me down yesterday.
Thank God for no rain today.
We did a lot of talking on the Clergy Patrol last night.
We were out till 11:45pm
We will be off next week from the patrols.

I guess Wanda and I will be watching movies or playing a board game tonight.
Lil Doug and his family didn't make it up here yesterday....he was upset,but I told him everything happens for a reason (It was raining cats and dogs)
So Wanda and I will have some crab legs and chili, and finger sandwiches for the Super Bowl.
I guess Toyah and Eric will join us.
Anyway.....Have a Blessed Day.
Stay tuned ALL DAY....EVERY DAY!!!
I don't know what we

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