Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello World,
Thank God for another day.

First let me start with last night.
As you know, we had to shoot a wedding yesterday in Plainfield.
Everything went well, and we used the projector that I bought for the first time.
It was a huge success!!!
The wedding was small enough that I could load the pictures into the laptop, while Du continued shooting at the reception.
The crowd was impressed.
Toni and Robert were thankful, and that's all that counts.

Today started out in church at 7:30.
Wanda had a part in the Sunday School Lesson so we stayed for Sunday School and then went home.

I cooked breakfast for Wanda and Toyah, and then Wanda and I went to the movies to see "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins"

2 weeks ago Naimah (Wanda's cousin) wanted to plan a suprise family get together for Wanda (the wife) and June (the sis in law).
We tried to get them to the house by telling them that something happened to Gerard (their uncle).
Unfortunately we could'nt get them here together, and suprisingly Gerard REALLY got carjacked 2 days ago in Newark.
Thank God he only got a few scrapes and bruises.
6 guys tried to beat him down, and he was helped out by a stranger (an angel) riding by.

Anyway....the get together turned out nice, as the family showed their appreciation to Wanda and June.
It was a beautiful gesture .

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C. said...

Here's to Gerard healing quickly. What an awful experience!! Other than that, it sounds like you had a pretty successful weekend!! :) YEAH!!!