Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

Hey World,
I had to take a break on the street to send this blog.
As you all know (especially you women), tomorrow is Valentines Day.
So I tried to beat the rush by ordering Wanda's flowers last week.
I usually have no problem ordering online....but as you can see by the photo above, It looks like they just threw that little bouquet together.
I am not happy at all :(
Wanda said it doesn't matter "but its love".
Is my love for her that small? (NO WAY)
So I have to make up for that one.
That brings up my next question:
What matters most to you...the GESTURE of love, or the ACTUAL love that someone has for you in their heart?
Please leave your comment in the link below....let me know how YOU feel.


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