Monday, March 31, 2008

Impeach George W. Bush?????

I dont know if you have heard, but there is a sort of quiet revolution going on to impeach the President and Vice President.
I heard it on the Ed Schultz show on Sirius Radio today.

Also on the Political Front, my good friend and masonic brother, Gene Etchison is in a heated race for Councilman in Irvington.
For those of you who live in Irvington, HEAR HIM OUT......SUPPORT HIM!!!

Tragedy and death has once again struck the Levert family.


But at least it's not cold

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.

Quote of the day:
Live everyday to it's fullest extent....You never know when your time will come
Author- Me

Stay Tuned.......

Good Morning (video)

Quote for the day:

Live everyday to its fullest...You will never know when your time will come

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Only in New York

Hey World....

Well, well, I made it to the Skateboard Park in Manhattan.
It only took me 25 minutes to drive to the reformed playground at E. 12th St. & Ave. A.
During the week, its a basketball court and playground until 3pm, when all the ramps and slides, and other pieces of equipment are set up.

After I left the park, I ran into this as I sat in the truck uploading photos to the laptop:

This all began with a younger man and his mother coming along and sitting on the church steps. I was sitting in my truck uploading the pictures from the skateboard park.
Another woman and child walked up.
The woman took off a necklace, which I believe was a rosary. It had a cross at the bottom
She handed it to the older woman and then took it back.
Then an older man walked up and placed a statue of Mary on the top step.
Another woman came along with some photos in frames of Mary and 2 candles.
She lit the candles and a few more people came up.
Some stood and the others kneeled on the sidewalk as they began chanting.
I am quite sure that they are Latin Catholic because they were talking in Spanish.
The man who first appeared with his mother must not be a practicing catholic because while everyone was chanting he was looking around kind of embarrassed because people continued to walk by. ONLY IN NEW YORK!!!!
Since I am sitting in my truck right next to them, I am trying to be respectful by not starting the truck and pulling off.
It is now 7:30, I have been sitting here since 7:00 pm

Rutgers Wins

Read story here

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.

Its a beautiful sunny day.
We r sitting in church.
We usually make the 7:25 am service, but we got up late.

I have been trying to get to this skateboard park in Manhattan, so I am going today.
I have always wanted to capture those flying,daredevil moves that they do in those parks.
So hopefully today I can get that done.

Have a blessed day.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

NJ Ironmen Win


NEWARK, N.J. (Saturday, March 29, 2008)- The New Jersey Ironmen (14-15) won a heart pounder tonight over La Raza de Monterrey (15-13) at Prudential Center in a critical late season match up. Dizzy Antoniuk drilled the game-winner with 83 seconds left to secure the thrilling 14-12 decision. The win gives New Jersey a 1 1/2 game lead over the Philadelphia KiXX (12-16) for the final spot in the 2008 MISL playoffs. Philadelphia suffered a tight 15-13 overtime loss to the first-place Milwaukee Wave (20-7) tonight at the Wachovia Spectrum.

The Ironmen retained the theme from a defensive battle in Detroit last night with both clubs going scoreless in the first quarter. After the opening frame, the scoreboard remained empty.

Monterrey midfielder Victor Negrete put up the first points of the match at 3:56 of the second quarter when he finished an assist from reigning MISL Defender of the Year Genoni Martinez, giving La Raza a 2-0 lead. Midfielder Goran Vasic answered for New Jersey when he sent home an unassisted two-point tally at 6:11 to even the count at two each. Monterrey midfielder Victor Quiroz then set up Dino Delevski for the go-ahead two-pointer at 9:15, and the visitors held on to take a 4-2 advantage to the locker rooms at halftime.

At 1:40 of the third period, the Ironmen evened the count when target Shaun David scored a Freddy Moojen feed, but Quiroz netted a Delevski pass at 4:52 to regain the advantage, 6-4. The two clubs got knotted back up at 7:05 when Antoniuk buried a restart ball from Vasic, and Moojen gave New Jersey their first lead of the game at 8:38 by finishing an assist from defender John Krause. Ironmen defender Ibrahim Kante then bent a left-footed bomb into the upper left corner of the goal at 9:39 to extend the advantage to 10-6. Vasic registered the assist.

David hit his second goal of the evening at 7:28 of the fourth stanza to stretch the New Jersey lead to 12-6. Monterrey replied with three unanswered two-point scores, and the two teams were tied up, 12-12, heading into the final two minutes of regulation. Vasic then hooked up Antoniuk for his third helper of the game at the 13:37 mark, and the Ironmen held on for the victory. Goalkeeper Tony Meola made an incredibly athletic save in the closing seconds to preserve the win.

The Ironmen remain in Newark to close out the regular season, hosting the Baltimore Blast (18-10) this Friday at Prudential Center. Kickoff is slated for 8:00 p.m. If New Jersey is able to defeat Baltimore, they solidify their spot in the postseason. The KiXX play Thursday in Monterrey, and they must win to keep themselves in playoff contention. A Philadelphia loss would automatically send the Ironmen into the postseason.

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.
Quote for the day:
It's not the position that makes the leader...It's the leader that makes the position.
Author- Unknown

It's 10:30 and i'm about to hit the street.
It's kinda windy outside today,but the sun is shining bright.
Not a HEAVY mail day.
I will be shooting the Ironmen Soccer game tonight at 'The Rock'.
I still have to put up some pics from last weeks game.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Daily Routine (video) 3/28/08

Good Morning

Good Morning World..
Thank God for another day.

Quote for the day:
Anyone can steer the ship,but it takes a leader to chart the course.

I was talking about the crime rate in Newark a few days ago.
I stated that there were only 6 homicides compared to 22 last year at the same time.
Well, there was a triple shooting last night at The Oasis Bar on Lyons Ave.
2 men were killed and 1 was shot in the leg.
Keep the families in your prayers.

I was stuck watching the movie Babel last night with Brad Pitt. It is a very good movie dealing with the lives of 4 families who are all linked unknowingly.

It is supposed to RAIN again today.
You never know with these weather forecasts.
It was supposed to rain yesterday afternoon, and all we had was a few drops.


Mayor Cory Booker talks about Governer Eliot Spitzer

Click the blog TITLE to view video

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ride With Me

Take a ride with me on Central Ave.
Click HERE

The Weather

Video of me talking about todays weather
Click HERE

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day

Quote for the day:
"There are consequences that we all must face when we walk outside of what God wants"
author: ME

There is rain in the forecast today. It's supposed to come late afternoon.
I should be able to beat the rain today.
I was reading the paper this morning and found out that Newark had it's 7th homocide of the year, compared to 22 this time last year.
Great Job Newark PD.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Daily Routine (video) 3/26/08

My Friend Wade Portee

Good Evening World....
I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my good Friend and Brother....Wade Portee in Maryland.
Wade and I lived around the corner from each other in Newark and both ended up in East Orange where we were part of "The Crew". ( The 7 BADDEST BRUTHAS in EO)
We graduated from High School and both entered the United States Air Force.
I did 1 1/2 years in the Air Force, and Wade retired with about 25 years.
While stationed in Illinois, he met his wife Jennifer, and they created 3 beautiful children (as you can see in the picture above,they are not children anymore)
Although always being stationed in many places, Wade was always the 1 who would show up at anything we were doing in our lives to support us.
Every funeral,every cookout,every political function, every inauguration.
Wade also managed to earn a Bachelors and a Masters Degree while in the Military.
What an accomplishment!!!
We wanted to suprise him and show up at his graduation,but could never get the dates right.
I am so proud of my friend Wade and his beautiful family.
God Bless You Wade...and your Family.

Golconda Fashion Show 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Blind Man and The Pitbull

So I'm driving Downtown Newark at about 9:00 pm, when I hear on my police scanner that a pitbull attacked a child on Roseville Ave. between Park Ave. & 6th Ave.
Now that was pretty normal.
The funny thing was when the dispatcher sent a patrol car to the scene, he said that the pitbull was still in front of the building.
The officer tells the dispatcher that he is going to wait for EMS to arrive.

When i got to Roseville Ave and made the left turn, I could see the ambulance and 2 patrol cars down a little further on the block on the right side.
I looked to my left, and low and behold the pitbull was after 3 guys behind a fence.
I looked to the right and saw a blind man with his walking stick, and another guy walking along.
I'm thinking....WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

All of a sudden the pitbull runs accross the street and jumps on the blind man , and knocks him down. The 3 guys that the dog was attacking were actually yelling to the blind man to run.
As the blind man got up, I noticed that he had a leash in his hand.

As the pitbull took off down the street, people were jumping on top of cars and a police car rode up on the sidewalk, I guess to try and run the dog over.
Traffic was stalled, and I double parked behind a police car to see the rest of the action.
Some dope fiend walks up to my truck and starts telling me the whole story.

By now, most of the police have their guns drawn, and are crouching behind fences and cars, as the blind man tries to get the pitbull to jump in the back seat of the patrol car.

Meanwhile, the mother of the child who was attacked was yelling for the cops to shoot the pitbull.
Once the pitbull was in the patrol car ( they didn't even handcuff him) everyone was relieved.

Enjoy The Photos...............

Soaking My Feet

Hey World,
What's goin on?
It's been a pretty uneventful day for me. I'm still doing my taxes, but I'm taking a break right now...SOAKING MY FEET!!!

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.

I am off today, so I am doing my taxes online.
It seems like my eyes have been glued to anything dealing with this Presidential Election.
There are different twists and turns every day.

Now they are saying that Hillary Clinton recently made a speach saying that in 1996 when she visited Bosnia, the plane came under sniper fire when it landed.
She forgot that there were news reporters on the plane with her, and they report and record everything.
There was no sniper attack, and it was a very peaceful visit.
She even took Chelsea with her.
See video below:

I also have to go to the Morristown Municipal Court to pick up our 18 prints from The Katrina Project that were on display there since January.

I am still trying to set up a seperate blog to let the world see the devastation that is still going on today, 2 1/2 years after the Storm.
You can preview the blog here:
Stay Posted

Also , I have made it easier for you all to reach this site.
The new web address is

Rutgers Wins

YEAH BABY......My girls are going to the sweet 16.
They beat Iowa State 69-58

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Morning (Easter)

Good Morning World.
Thank God for another day

We had sunrise service at 6am.
I can't believe that I have still not shaken this flu.
The cough is relentless.
Every one that I have talked to has said the same thing.
You think you are done and it comes back again.

Even people who rarely get sick (such as myself) are getting caught wuth this strain of the flu.

We have a simple dinner planned with ham,collard greens,yams,rice and lamb chops for me.
I am still in the process of uploading a few new slideshows, and also I have created a blog for The Katrina Project.

Stay tuned and have a blessed day

Friday, March 21, 2008

New McDonalds Commercial

Check out this new commercial....

Good Morning(yes there is mail today)

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.
I wanted to send this blog out before noon.
It is extremely windy outside today, so when you see your Letter Carrier today while you are home, don't ask him if he is working today (duhh).
Offer a cup of coffee or tea.
Remember that this is the day that the Lord has made.
I still have to upload some clips from the Tournament of Champions on Monday, and last night I shot the Ironmen Soccer Team at 'The Rock'.
Stay tuned, as I get back on track and still feel the effects of the FLU.

Have a blessed day

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Forgot the morning pics

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.

It's a little brisk outside, but i'm about to hit the street.
I'm still tired from the Tournament of Champions last night.
I have posted the post game interview with Coach Bob Hurley and his undefeated St Anthony Friars on youtube.
I will post the link here later, along with clips and photos from the girls game,which Shabazz won.

If you want to see the St Anthony clip earlier you can go to
Put St. Anthony in the search box.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St Anthony

St Anthony wins 69-36

St Ants

This game is over.....St Ants leads 59-33 with 4 minutes left

St Ants

At the end of 3, St Ants leads Science 49-33

St Ants

St Anthony leads Science 34-28 at the half.
Science is like a mosquito....everytime you smack them away, they keep coming back

St Ants

Science is only down 2 at the end of 1.
16-14 St Ants

St Anthony vs Science Park

St. A's takes an early lead 12-5


Shabazz leads 39-33 with 2:54 left


At the start of the 4th...Shabazz leads 33-28

Shabazz vs Trenton

Shabazz takes the lead 24-21 with 4:39 left in 3rd qtr.

Shabazz vs Trenton

Trenton leads 18-15 at the half.
Trenton has 3 players with 4 points each, and Shabazz has 2 players with 4 points.
Not an exciting 1st half

Shabazz vs Trenton

Trenton leads 15-12 with 3:00 left in half.
Shabazz does not look HUNGRY!!!

Shabazz vs Trenton

Excitement is in the AIR!!!!!!
It's on people

Hello World (Family Pics)

Hello World,

Thank God for another day.

Wow...what a weekend.
As you know, our son and his family came up for the weekend.
Our 2 granddaughters are little dolls...but they are afraid of ME.

They would not allow me to hold them all weekend.
I couldn't get near them.
As soon as "GanMa" walked in the house, they ran to her.

So i slept in the living room all weekend while Lil Doug and his wife Marie went out Friday and Saturday night.

Toyah (daughter) was a champ the whole weekend, as she stayed home and helped Wanda with the girls.
I guess I have to visit them more in Virginia , so they can get used to me.

I was off work today, so I am preparing to go to The Meadowlands to shoot the Tournament of Champions...NJ State boys and girls basketball Championships.
Shabazz vs Trenton for the girls
St. Anthony vs Science Park for the boys.

Of course I am rooting for the 2 Newark Teams

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Daily Routine (video) 3/14/08

Crazy Cop

This is hilarious......
The cop just snachted another chinese guy off his bike.
The chinese guy must not speak english, because he jumped right back on the bike and rode off.
This cop is out of control

Crazy Cop

I am standing here at the corner of Broad and Market watching this cop jump in front of cars as they make illegal turns.
He just made a chinese delivery guy get off of his bike and walk it in the sidewalk
I have never seen this cop before, and he is cracking me up


Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day

It's great to be back.
I'm not 100 percent yet, but thank God I am here.

It's a great day......
Lil Doug, Marie and the kids are coming up from VA.
Todd is FREE today.
St Patricks Day parade Downtown today.
The weather is nice.
I could go on and on.
Stay tuned for updates

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chinese Bus

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day...
Well...we were scheduled to leave DC at 2pm, but our Congressional Breakfast was over at 9:30.
So we decided to leave on the 12 noon bus.
We have more passengers than when we came, but we still all have our own seats.
It looks like we will be taking the bus to the Union Convention in Boston in July.
Guess what?
Same price roundtrip.

Stay Tuned.......

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NALC Rap Session

I am nodding like crazy
this meeting is toooooo long

Chinese Bus

Hey World,
4 hours to DC on the chinese bus.
$35 rountrip
Only 12 people on the bus
Comfortable,clean,bathroom and tv's
Its our secret

Good Morning

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.

I am on the Newark Light Rail to Penn Station.
Seven of us Union Reps are taking the Chinese Bus Line from New York to Washington DC for a Congressional Breakfast in the morning.
We stay at a hotel on Capitol Hill ($220 a night)

I will keep you updated on the Chinese Bus Ride.
Stay tuned and have a blessed day

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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Good Morning World....
Thank God for another day
I've got alot of news for you, but first let me beat this rain.
The sky is getting dark


Monday, March 3, 2008


Shabazz leads 49-26 with 2:29 left in 3rd

I'm Here!!!

Hey World,
I know it has been a few days, but I am just getting back into the swing of things
I was covering the Potentate Ball for Golconda Temple #24 (my shriner temple) for my good friend, Illustrious Potentate Bennie Cook.
It was a very busy weekend for me.

I am currently shooting the Shabazz vs. New Brunswick game. Shabazz is leading 35-21 in the 3rd qtr.