Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Blind Man and The Pitbull

So I'm driving Downtown Newark at about 9:00 pm, when I hear on my police scanner that a pitbull attacked a child on Roseville Ave. between Park Ave. & 6th Ave.
Now that was pretty normal.
The funny thing was when the dispatcher sent a patrol car to the scene, he said that the pitbull was still in front of the building.
The officer tells the dispatcher that he is going to wait for EMS to arrive.

When i got to Roseville Ave and made the left turn, I could see the ambulance and 2 patrol cars down a little further on the block on the right side.
I looked to my left, and low and behold the pitbull was after 3 guys behind a fence.
I looked to the right and saw a blind man with his walking stick, and another guy walking along.
I'm thinking....WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?

All of a sudden the pitbull runs accross the street and jumps on the blind man , and knocks him down. The 3 guys that the dog was attacking were actually yelling to the blind man to run.
As the blind man got up, I noticed that he had a leash in his hand.

As the pitbull took off down the street, people were jumping on top of cars and a police car rode up on the sidewalk, I guess to try and run the dog over.
Traffic was stalled, and I double parked behind a police car to see the rest of the action.
Some dope fiend walks up to my truck and starts telling me the whole story.

By now, most of the police have their guns drawn, and are crouching behind fences and cars, as the blind man tries to get the pitbull to jump in the back seat of the patrol car.

Meanwhile, the mother of the child who was attacked was yelling for the cops to shoot the pitbull.
Once the pitbull was in the patrol car ( they didn't even handcuff him) everyone was relieved.

Enjoy The Photos...............

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