Sunday, March 30, 2008

Only in New York

Hey World....

Well, well, I made it to the Skateboard Park in Manhattan.
It only took me 25 minutes to drive to the reformed playground at E. 12th St. & Ave. A.
During the week, its a basketball court and playground until 3pm, when all the ramps and slides, and other pieces of equipment are set up.

After I left the park, I ran into this as I sat in the truck uploading photos to the laptop:

This all began with a younger man and his mother coming along and sitting on the church steps. I was sitting in my truck uploading the pictures from the skateboard park.
Another woman and child walked up.
The woman took off a necklace, which I believe was a rosary. It had a cross at the bottom
She handed it to the older woman and then took it back.
Then an older man walked up and placed a statue of Mary on the top step.
Another woman came along with some photos in frames of Mary and 2 candles.
She lit the candles and a few more people came up.
Some stood and the others kneeled on the sidewalk as they began chanting.
I am quite sure that they are Latin Catholic because they were talking in Spanish.
The man who first appeared with his mother must not be a practicing catholic because while everyone was chanting he was looking around kind of embarrassed because people continued to walk by. ONLY IN NEW YORK!!!!
Since I am sitting in my truck right next to them, I am trying to be respectful by not starting the truck and pulling off.
It is now 7:30, I have been sitting here since 7:00 pm

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