Thursday, January 3, 2008

Seton Hall Final Score

98-86 UConn over The Hall

The Hall

Jeremy Hazell scores two 3 pointers in a row

The Hall vs UConn

93-83 with 44 seconds left

The Hall vs UConn

Coach Bobby Gonzalez just got a tech. Called against him 3:08 left

The Hall vs UConn

81-67 UConn is winning
Seton Hall is just missing everything.
Jamar Nutter just scored
5:05 left in game

Seton Hall vs UConn

UConn leads 68-60

Seton Hall vs UConn

Seton Hall has a 48-47 lead over UConn. at halftime
Leading scorer for The Hall is Jeremy Hazell with 16 pts.
Larry Davis has 13 pts and 4 rebounds
UConn's Jerome Dyson has 11 pts

(Stats by William Hathaway)

Seton Hall


Seton Hall

Jeremy hazell scores first 5 points

Seton Hall Tipoff

Excitement is in the air......
nice crowd

Seton Hall Practice

Seton Hall is getting ready for the big game tonight against UConn.

check all day for updates


Good Morning World,
Another verrry cold day in Newark.
This evening Seton Hall will be playing their first Big East game of the season against Connecticut.
I will be posting updates and pics from the game every 10-15 minutes.
Check out the blog this evening and anytime for sports updates and my life experiences.
Any pics on this blog can be purchased by leaving an e-mail for me in the comments

Have a Blessed Day!!!