Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rutgers Women Win 58-50

Coach Stringer said in post game interview that Matee did not play because her legs were tired...NOTHING MORE.
Essence Carson and Epiphany Prince both stated that they were pleased with the way the team boxed out and got shots in the paint.
Both were unhappy about the foul shooting.
Coach Stringer stated that they go over free throws every 5 minutes in practice.
Final box scores and photos to follow


Rutgers leads 55-50 with 1 minute left


Rutgers leads 43-35 with 9:37 left


Rutgers leads 36-33 with 11:51 left in game.
I don't know,but the girls are not getting rebounds


Heather Zurich just got her face mask knocked off...NO CALL???????

Brittany Ray

Ray hits two 3 pointers in a row to start the second half.
Rutgers leads 34-29


Supposedly Matee is out because of leg problems

Rutgers Halftime

Essence Carson ended the half wit a 3 pointer with about 50 seconds left to give Rutgers a lead of 26-23 at the half.
Matee Ajavon is on the bench.
She has not played


The refs are REALLY making some bad
calls against Rutgers.
Vivian Stringer just went nuts


Essence Carson is back....she leads all players with 7 points.
3:49 left in half

Rutgers vs St Johns Women

I'm here....
Rutgers is down14-10 with 9:20 left in first half

Rutgers Women vs. St. Johns

Game time is 8pm

Stay tuned for updates and photos

Seton Hall vs. Morgan State box score & slideshow


Jamar Nutter scored his career high 29 points with 6 rebounds.
I even saw him get AGGRESSIVE and drive ti the basket a few times

Seton Hall Wins

The Hall wins 89-81
photos to follow

Seton Hall Women

Seton Hall Women are leading 30-17
(updates by William Hathaway)


Jamar Nutter leads all players with 25 pts. 4:19 left

Seton Hall

The Hall leads 70-59 with 6:41 left in game.
(gme note) Paul Gause has a soft cast on his right wrist. Sitting out of the game

Seton Hall

Seton HALL LEADS 59-46 with 12:27 left in game

Seton Hall

Halftime score is 42-35

Seton Hall vs. Morgan State

Gametime is 1:00pm
stay tuned for updates and photos


Good Morning World,

Newark has a new Bojngles across the street from City Hall.
I think it may be the only one in NJ.
Wanda and I were in Charlotte NC for Shriners Convention in August, and we ate there every day.