Thursday, January 10, 2008

NJ Ironmen

The NJ Ironmen Soccer Team of the MISL will be playing tomorrow 1-11-08
at Prudential Center.
I will be covering this game.
Stay tuned

Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day to be outside delivering mail

Co-worker Delores

She comes by our office and bugs me every day


Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day.

Oh well...after 3 days off I am back at work,and of course there were issues when I was gone.
Everyone has complaints.
It seems like the supervisors wait until I'm gone to just run amuck.
I keep telling my co-workers to keep a paper trail, so when they have problems,at least I will have some concrete evidence to back me up.

I was going to cover the Shabazz girls game this afternoon, but I have to help out on another route.

I will be covering University girls tomorrow at 4 , and East Orange at7

Have a Blessed day,
and stay in touch all day,every day for updates and photos
p.s. The photos are from my case at work and a sandwich from The White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City