Friday, January 11, 2008

EO wins

EO wins 51-44 ..


EO is leading 40-27 with 54 seconds in 3rd qtr

EO vs Randolph

EO leads 20-19 at the half.
Although it seems like EO is dominating the game, Randolph is hangin right with them

EO vs Randolph

EO is leading 9-7 with 2 min left in 1st qtr

University wins big

Final score 84-32 University Girls


Verona is clearly outmatched in this game. Univ. Leads by 50 with 1:38 left in game


Univ. Leads 69-23 in the start of the 4th qtr.

University vs. Verona

University leads 45-23 at the half

Cheap new vehicles

I know you can't see the picture too well, but this guy in the ford explorer just tapped the fence pulling into a parking spot and ripped off his bumper. He was going no faster than 5mph CHHHHEEEEAAAAPPPPP!!!!!


Very cloudy today...but no rain


Hey World,
I'm about to go on the street, or "hit the bricks", as we call it.
I bought a juicer on Wed., so I have been drinking juice twice a day.
Right now it's apple,celery, and carrots.
If you know of any other good recipes, leave a comment.


Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day
It was raining really hard this morning, but it has stopped now.
We had 3 people call out sick today.
It is putting a strain on the employees who have to pick up the slack.
Regardless...we are blessed to have jobs.
I should be shooting University Girls this afternoon at 4, and East Orange Girls at 7.
Stay tuned all day,every day for updates and photos.
I updated my web-site last night.
It has links to some of my other stuff online.

Have a blessed day!!!