Thursday, January 31, 2008


Bad boys, bad boys, what u wanna do?
No just kidding.
We were patrolling the East district, and now we are in the Central Ward


Hey World,

Whats going on????
I am on my way Downtown for my second night of riding patrols with the Newark Police Dept. Clergy Affairs Unit.

Stay tuned for updates during the ride


Good Morning

Good Morning World,
Thank God for another day....

Last night I went on my first "riding patrol" as an assistant chaplain for the Newark Police Dept. Clergy Affairs Unit.
I also was appointed "Official Photographer"
It is just another way to help reach out to our community, by serving.
It was quite an experience last night as we watched what the police officers have to face out on the streets at night.
God had His loving arms around us for the 3 hours that we "patrolled".
Lil Doug, Marie, and our Granddaughters will be coming up tomorrow to spend the weekend with us.
Well.....I'm about to hit the bricks.
Have a Blessed day.
Please say aprayer for my sister Gwen in Virginia, who is under the weather