Friday, February 8, 2008

All My Children

Now I know why I stopped watching soap operas.......THEY LEAVE YOU IN SUSPENSE!!!!!!
I am only watching All My Children because Jessie and Angie are back.
They have been back a couple of weeks now, but they have'nt seen each other yet.
So I Tivo this show every day and watch it when I get home.
I fast forward to the scenes of Jessie and Angie because I don't want to get all wrapped up in anybodys business, except Jessie and Angie.
Yeah I know I sound corny, but I can remember my Grandmother (Unis) watching the "stories" when I was much younger.
I can remember how she got so involved in the "stories" (stop your junk :) )
Its amazing how you see things as a child, and you carry them with you into adulthood.
I also remember my grandmother reading the obituaries everyday in the paper....and now I do the same thing every single day.
Oh well....good memories last a lifetime.
OK.....let me get back to my "stories"



Hey World,
this is a special shout out to Maria from Tweel Furnishing on my route.
She requested to see my blog (i'm honored)


Hello World....
Thank God for another day.

WOW.....I thought it was supposed to be cold today, but it is beautiful in Newark.
Yesterday I was given some tickets to the Devils game tonight.
So Boz and I are gonna check out the game.
I am going to start taking the time to give you more updates throughout the day, so I hope you will come back often, and invite your friends to check out the blog.
If you have any ideas or thoughts, please feel free to leave comments.
Gotta go right now though...the mail is calling.
Stay tuned ALL DAY...EVERY DAY!!!!!