Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rutgers wins

Rutgers wins the game 57-51

RU vs ND

Rutgers has just scored 6 straight points.
They lead it 38-33 with 9:41 left in game

RU vs ND

E. Prince leads all players with 11 points

RU vs ND

Score is even 22-22 at the half

Rutgers vs Notre Dame

Yes World...I am back
I am at the Rutgers Womens game against Notre Dame.
Rutgers leads 18-14 with 7:21 left in half


Hello World,
Thank God for another day
Would you believe I am just getting out on the street.
We have a lot of mail today,including gas and electric bills which came in upside down, so they were hard to put in the case.
It's gonna be a looooong day (overtime).
You can see how full my cart is above.
Have a blessed day, and stay TUNED