Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Daily Routine 2-21-08(video)

St Ants Wins

Final score 64-53 St Anthonys
photos to follow

St Ants

With1:45 left in game St Ants leads 56-46

St. Ants

At the start of the last qtr. St Ants leads 45-42

St Ants

2 three pointers by Tyreke Evans and now we have a game 39-36 St Ants

St. Ants

Halftime score is 39-27 St. Anthony


St Ants is up18-6

St Ants

St Ants takes an early 10-4 lead

St Anthonys vs. American Christian

St. Anthonys looks small compared to American Christian.
The game is about to start!!!!

St Benedicts

With 1:48 left in game St B leads 53-38

St. Benedicts

St. B leads 42-29 with 7:50 left in game

St Benedicts vs Benectdine

Hey World,
I am at a doubleheader which is on ESPN.
St Benedicts is in the first game and number 1 nationally ranked St. Anthonys is in the second game.
St. B is leading 28-16

Good Morning