Monday, March 17, 2008

St Anthony

St Anthony wins 69-36

St Ants

This game is over.....St Ants leads 59-33 with 4 minutes left

St Ants

At the end of 3, St Ants leads Science 49-33

St Ants

St Anthony leads Science 34-28 at the half.
Science is like a mosquito....everytime you smack them away, they keep coming back

St Ants

Science is only down 2 at the end of 1.
16-14 St Ants

St Anthony vs Science Park

St. A's takes an early lead 12-5


Shabazz leads 39-33 with 2:54 left


At the start of the 4th...Shabazz leads 33-28

Shabazz vs Trenton

Shabazz takes the lead 24-21 with 4:39 left in 3rd qtr.

Shabazz vs Trenton

Trenton leads 18-15 at the half.
Trenton has 3 players with 4 points each, and Shabazz has 2 players with 4 points.
Not an exciting 1st half

Shabazz vs Trenton

Trenton leads 15-12 with 3:00 left in half.
Shabazz does not look HUNGRY!!!

Shabazz vs Trenton

Excitement is in the AIR!!!!!!
It's on people

Hello World (Family Pics)

Hello World,

Thank God for another day.

Wow...what a weekend.
As you know, our son and his family came up for the weekend.
Our 2 granddaughters are little dolls...but they are afraid of ME.

They would not allow me to hold them all weekend.
I couldn't get near them.
As soon as "GanMa" walked in the house, they ran to her.

So i slept in the living room all weekend while Lil Doug and his wife Marie went out Friday and Saturday night.

Toyah (daughter) was a champ the whole weekend, as she stayed home and helped Wanda with the girls.
I guess I have to visit them more in Virginia , so they can get used to me.

I was off work today, so I am preparing to go to The Meadowlands to shoot the Tournament of Champions...NJ State boys and girls basketball Championships.
Shabazz vs Trenton for the girls
St. Anthony vs Science Park for the boys.

Of course I am rooting for the 2 Newark Teams