Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kansas City Daily Pics

Kansas City AEAONMS

Fountain at Union Square /Kansas City MO

There is alot of talk here in KC about the upcoming nominations and elections for Imperial Council Officers.
As of today, it seems like Gary is the only Candidate who has posters, flyers, buttons and other paraphernalia in the exhibit hall.

People are saying The Imperial Potentate wants to see this "protective order" issue
to it's end.
That means theres a possibility he will be continuing as Imperial Potentate.

Stay Tuned.....

Gates BBQ

Hey World....
You know the old saying "3 strikes and your'e out"

We tried to go to Gates BBQ 3 times today.
We finally had luck the 3rd time, and guess what?
It was not as good as I expected.
Oh least I can say "we ate there"

Stay Tuned.......

We have landed

We are on the ground in Kansas City.
Now we are off to find the Wizard...LOL


We are about to take off..
1 hour late.
See you when we get there.....


Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day.

We are at the airport...our flight has been delayed a half hour, so now we are scheduled to leave at 9:30
I will keep you updated with Twitter,on the right of this page
Have a Blessed day


Hey World,

I am leaving for Kansas City, MO in the morning at 9 am for Shriners Convention.
It is 3:30 in the morning and I am just starting to pack.

I know...I must be crazy.
I need to be under pressure to get it done.

Stay tuned for updates and pics from the trip.

Kansas City ,MO is known as the City of Fountains.
it is said that there are more public fountains there ,than anyplace in the world except
Venice ,Italy.
See for yourself here

Big Shout Out's to Sharon and Stacey and Debbie Mitchell for signing the Guestbook.
Talk to you guys when I get back