Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Kansas City Daily Pics

Last Day in KC

Past Potentate Thomas P. Caldwell won 2nd place Sr. Flight Division in the Golf Tour.

The Jazzbo Clown Unit won 2nd place in the props division of the Clown Competition

Morning (from Kansas City,MO)

WWII Memorial Kansas City MO
(the oldest WWII memorial in the USA)

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another day

Quote for the day:
Shut out all of your past except that which will help you weather your tomorrows.
Sir William Osler
British (Canadian-born) physician (1849 - 1919)
This is our last full day here in Kansas City.
It has been an interesting trip.
This city is like a Ghost Town.
It seems like none of the locals ventures Downtown much.
I was able to park on the street every day with no problem.

As for the election, I will address the Temple on that later.
We MUST come back STRONGER!!!!

Wanda and I traveled with the Illustrious Potentate Bennie Cook and his wife Patricia last night.
We went back to the Juke House where we had our Party.
The Daughters from KC had their Party there.
We also went to a party given by the Far East (standing room only)

We will be participating in the Parade this evening.

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