Monday, August 25, 2008

What a Weekend

7 times Doug PhotoByMe


You know we spent last week in Kansas City, MO
We got home on Thursday, expecting to wind down and get ready to go back to work
Unfortunately, Wanda's mom is in the hospital in intensive care, and our son popped
up with his wife and 2 daughters.

Our granddaughters are 2 1/2 and 1 1/2, and let me tell you.....THEY ARE A HANDFUL!!!
They jumped and cried all weekend...LOL
The oldest, Kaiya calls us Gampa and Gamma.
The baby, Jasmine is TERRIFIED of me.
Everyone thinks it is my hair, but if you could see her reaction everytime I come near,
you would think that I attacked her.
I have only seen her 3 times in her young life.
By the way, they live in Virginia.
Maybe it's just gonna take her a little longer to get used to me.

Anyway, on the way here from VA., Lil Doug (26) blew 2 tires.
The second he blew the tire on the Turnpike, and spinned from the fast lane into a ditch.
Thank God no one got hurt.
They had to get towed and repaired before they crawled here.

They were supposed to leave this morning.
Thats why i took off work, so I could finally wind down.
Unfortunately again, they had to wait for the part to come in for the car to be repaired.
The part came in at about 5pm, and they left at 8pm.

We pray for a safe trip home...Marie(Lil Doug's wife) has to work in the morning (They are both in the US Navy)

My Mother-in-Law is doing a little better, so I guess I will be going back to work tomorrow,
and things will become normal around the house.

Wanda and Toyah have been laughing at me all night,because I was so animated about the

Oh well.....why complain!!!!
There are many who wish they were Blessed with Family.

I count it all a Blessing, and through it all I give God the praise.

God is Good...................................Goodnight!!!!


Imagine 7 of me...LOL