Monday, November 17, 2008

The Shoe

Hey World,
Whats going on??? looks like "the shoe is on the other foot" for me.
Many mornings I try to post motivational messages on this blog.
I try to encourage you all that everything happens for a reason.

Well now it seems like I need some motivation myself.

Last week the US Postal Service decided that we could do without 2 of the routes in our office.
That means 2 of our Carriers would be without routes (the 2 with the least seniority)

Out of 15 routes in our office, I am #4 from the bottom (even with 27 years)
So unfortunately, one of the carriers who lost his route had more seniority than me, so he chose MY route to be HIS new route.

I must admit, I had a REALLY good route for the past 7 years.
No dogs, no people harassing me for mail, no hills, not many stairs, etc.
I made alot of friends and connections.

I had a choice of 3 routes below me, and 2 of them were responsible for 5 routes each.
I could not handle that, so I chose a route that is definitely in THE HOOD!!!

I thought I would never have to deal with THE HOOD again.
Not that I am any better than anyone else, but sometimes it can be quite annoying.
I have to put myself in DEFENSE mode at all times.
Dark buildings, hills, stairs, dogs, and people who just WAIT for the 1st of the month.

Why Not?

I have only done the route twice so far, and it is beating me down physically.
Maybe its God's way of telling me to start getting on that treadmill in my basement again (for the health benefits)

The hills have KILLED me these last 2 days, but I MUST find a better way to work the route.

So now I look at this as another learning experience.
Maybe there is someone waiting for me to possibly make a difference in their life with a simple Hello, a regular Smile, and some Respect.

Through it all, I can't complain.
I have a JOB.......
That is a Blessing in itself.

So I guess I will just do my BEST for these last 8 years in the Postal Service.
If I can just HELP SOMEBODY....Then my living will not be in VAIN.

What do you think????

Have a Good Night