Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Morning

Maurice & Wanda 8/08...PhotosByDAdamsJr

Good Morning World...
Thank GOD for another day

I have started my vacation today, and I am not really going anywhere.
Trying to set myself up for some Fall Photography.

So I will be going to different schools all week to possibly set up some work.

While on Facebook this morning I came across 2 very inspirational pieces of information from two of my FB friends.

I decided to post them both to my blog today as the "Quotes for the Day"
One is from Nakita Cook Young/ "The Good In Me"
The other is from Casey Washington/ "Will's Wisdom"

Thank you both for sharing with ME...and I hope WE can all CHANGE the WORLD by SHARING with OTHERS

Enjoy...and Have A Blessed Day!!!

"The Good In Me"
Nakita Cook Young

I’m celebrating the good in me; I’m doing all the good things that keeps my soul light and my heart feeling free and if that’s clapping my hands, stomping my feet or singing off key – so be it!

I am no longer going to live skeptically from this point on I’m moving through this life with certainty with my mind made up, walking straight and tall with my head held high and freedom from doubt.;

I ‘m taking a break from all the worries of the world and letting the good life rain down on me by opening my heart and soul to all of life’s sweet melodies – the sun, the moon, the stars and the wind blowing through trees;

I ‘m taking my life back from the crypt keeper and casting out all the impurities and letting the joy, happiness, love, laughs that dwell within me unfold and be my shield from the skeleton grim reaper;

My heart is now in the right place and it will take me far and lead through the marvels and wonders of life to my destiny as I celebrate the goodness that lives within me.

Written by: Nakita Cook Young
May 06, 2005

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