Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning "The Storm Story"


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Good Morning World...
Thank GOD for another day.

Well, it has been 1 week since i took the scissors and cut my locs after 10 years of growth.
I have received many positive responses.
I have also received some STUPID remarks, such as "Wow, you look Human now".
Whether I have the locs or not...I am always HUMAN.

When asked ...why?
I tell everyone that "the Storm is over"

Most women say "you are still handsome", or "I like you better without the locs"
Most men say "wow you look 10 years younger" or "now you look just like your son"

Regardless of what anyone has said, I have sucked it up and accepted it.

10 years ago when i began my journey growing the locs, I got other comments...
"you look like Buckwheat"..."why?"..."when are you gonna get your hair done?"

I've heard it all.
After hearing it all, I dealt with the stares and whispers.
Most YOUNG men with locs are stereotyped as thugs, or weed smokers.
People are afraid to be alone with you on elevators, and you are looked upon as untrustworthy.


It has been quite a journey...filled with up's and downs, good times and bad,...decisions,decisions,decisions.

But through it all, the one person who is responsible for my locs...Wanda, has stuck it out.
I know that deep inside she has been a little embarrassed when I would go months without getting loc maintenance, and i would care for the locs myself.
Always telling her that I didn't care what people thought about my locs.
I wasn't growing the locs for THEM .

So, I've heard it all , and I guess i have developed a thick SKIN...sort of like the scars from BREAST CANCER...the BURNS and DARK SKIN from the RADIATION.....WOW, that's why I started growing the LOCS.

So WE have STRUGGLED the last 10 years.
She has kept her hair cut SHORT....
I have been AFRAID to cut mine....

For the past 9 years SHE has been CANCER FREE....and it's not because of H-A-I-R....
It's because of GOD.

So now that The Storm is OVER. maybe I can enjoy some of GOD'S SUNSHINE on my SCALP..

Have A Blessed Day!!!