Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Morning "My King"

Good Morning World...
Thank GOD for another day.

With all of the social networking sites on the web right now, I find Facebook to be the one that reaches MANY, MANY people at one time.
It also reconnects old friends and family members.

Every now and then, I will run across a quote or poem that raises the hair on my arms, and I feel it in my SOUL .

Today's quote for the day comes from Mi Mi (Amirah).

As soon as I began to read it, I immediately thought back to the year I was Illustrious Potentate of my Shriners Temple in 2004....Golconda Temple #24 AEAONMS, Newark N.J.

So today I have added a few photos from The Potentate Ball where I was Honored...and I was THE KING.

Have A Blessed Day!!!!
My King I am your most humble and loyal devotee.
I adore you for your great insight and wisdom.
Every nuance of your spirit speaks to me.

I am unchallenged in my awe of you.
My King

Your radiance is a true blessing to behold.
Your mind is as ever changing as a sunset upon the horizon.
Always a new wonder, a new glow before unseen.
Your baritone flows over me as a fresh fallin spring rain.

Who could refrain from loving you.

The warmth within your eyes sweeps my breathe away.

I can not move........

Your caress weakness my satin soft flesh as I yield to your will.
I lay all down before you.
My heart I give unreserved.
I am a crystal figurine in your priceless menagerie.

Never fading from your dreams....

You my knight are all that is good.
You are life bright and vibrant as a newborn.
I pay homage and tribute to you.
I wash your feet and rub your back.
Easing where frustration attacks.

My King....
I kiss all troubles away in a whisper, for you are this Queen's joy.
You give to me infinite pleasure.

I live to love you as does you heart pulse with each beat of mine.

We are the wings of the dove together.
We are what fairy tales are meant to be.
We are free.......

This is the song my essence does sing every day as I envision you......
My king......