Monday, October 12, 2009 2

Good Morning World...
Thank GOD for another day.

Day 2 on this cruise started with me getting up at 6am to watch the sunrise at 7am (photo above)

I had on my running sneakers, so I could do a mile on the track, but decided to start that THIS MORNING (we will see tomorrow)

We ATE, and then Wanda laid on the deck all day to soak up some sun.
I KEEP on telling her that it is NO GOOD to lay in the sun all day.
It is not good for the skin.

While she was on deck , i waited for an iron to be delivered so I could iron my clothes ( yes...I am a Military Man...I wash and iron my own clothes)

After ironing ,I wandered all over the ship and ATE again.
We both wound up in the cabin to sleep for a few hours before the shows began.

I did karaoke, then we went to a comedy show, and then we ATE DINNER.
We both had lobster tails and steak (VERY GOOD).
We capped off the night with a visit to a dance club, so I could have a glass of PORT WINE.

I was gonna type this last night , but......we fell ASLEEP.

Stay tuned for Day 3
Be Blessed!!!