Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cruise ...Day 4

Good Morning World...
Thank GOD for another day.

I was a little late catching the sunrise, and just like yesterday, my new friend, Ms. Gail was there to also greet the sun.

Wanda and I moved around kinda slow this morning.
The ship was ready to unload people to shore in St. Thomas at 9am.
We didn't leave the ship till about noon.

There were many tours available, but after waiting about 10 minutes for a taxi Downtown , we decided to walk to the mall across the street from where the ship was docked.

A woman tried to convince us that Downtown had much better shopping.
We were satisfied with the variety of shops where we were, so we walked into several shops for a few things.

While looking for an ATM, I approached a gentleman to ask a few questions.
Who would have known that he was looking for 2 additional passengers to take a tour of the island for ONLY $20 each .

We took advantage of this and jumped in the open air truck for the tour.
It was VERY informative...we made 4 very scenic was 2 hours long....we took GREAT pictures.....and most IMPORTANT, we saved $30 because the other similar tours were charging $50

He dropped us off at the ship at 4:30 and we showered and got dressed for the evening.
We ate...I did karaoke again....we went to a show (I fell asleep...LOL)....watched a piano player in the lounge....went back to our stateroom to change for the DECK PARTY.....BUT.............
We both FELL ASLEEP!!!!!


Stay tuned for tomorrows UPDATE.