Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hello World

Wanda Sleep

waiting at Miami Int. for our Plane

Hey World,

Day 7 photos will be up when we get home.

We had a GREAT CRUISE, and now I guess we have to get mentally ready for the RAT RACE again.
Should be arriving home at about 6pm, and then I have to catch up with some loose ends that I left at home ( placing images online)

Tomorrow we have the BREAST CANCER WALK in Newark.
It will be 10 years for us (Cancer free for 9 years...Thank GOD)

I also have a Wedding to shoot tomorrow afternoon....ugghh!!!

After leaving the ship, and finally getting some REAL NEWS from my cell phone, I found out that I lost a FRIEND in an AUTO ACCIDENT.
I am STILL at a LOST for WORDS...

My PRAYERS go out to the FAMILY and FRIENDS of Lakeisha Odom.

We SANG in the E.T. Byrd Inspirational Ensemble.
We were a FAMILY in that GROUP.

Although we have not been together for a few years, we ALL keep in TOUCH through FACEBOOK.

KEISHA always sent me e-mails, letting me know when things were going on with the GROUP and CHURCH.