Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Incredible Chain of Events

This morning I got up at 4a.m. to get ready and leave the house by 5a.m. , so I could get to New York and catch my 6:40 am bus for D.C.

Unfortunately, I didn't leave the house till 5:40 am , and I got Downtown and parked by 6:00 am.
I ran upstairs to track 1, but just missed the train.
So I saw that there was another train to New York on track 2.
I ran downstairs .....and back upstairs to JUST miss the train......OhhBoyyy!!!

The next train to New York was at 6:17 am.
It was due to arrive in New York at 6:38 am.
There was NO WAY that I was gonna make it from Penn Station to 31st and 9th Ave in 2 minutes.
I didn't get PISSED!!!!
I just accepted the fact that if I didn't make it to D.C......It was not meant to be :(
 I came up with a PLAN B ( YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B!!!)

I planned to take the 6:40 bus, but there was another bus at 8 am.
The 6:40 bus would get me in DC at 11 am with plenty of in between time before I had to be at The White House at  12:45.
The 8:00 bus would get me there by 12:20, with not too much time to play with.

Adding another twist to my DRAMA was the fact that the Megabus had a NEW arrival point that I was not FAMILIAR with. I would have to catch the Metro in DC from a DIFFERENT Station.

Ohhh back to New York....LOL

So I get to the bus stop at 6:45......BUS left at 6:40!

QUESTION : Do I take the 8:00 Megabus or walk 2 blocks over and take the 7:30 MVP Chinese Bus????
I decided to wait for the 8:00 Megabus.....and PRAY that nothing happened.

While waiting for the bus, a woman and her granddaughter walked up, who also MISSED the 6:40 bus.
She had to catch a connecting bus in DC to Charlotte at 12:45 (Megabus from DC to Charlotte is only $3 each way.....NO LIE!!! Her roundtrip ticket was $36 from Charlotte to New York)

I told her not to worry, because our 8:00 bus would get us to DC by 12:20.

We pulled out at 8:00 on the dot....and ALL was WELL!!!

We stopped in Delaware at a rest stop at 10:30 and the Bus driver told us something was wrong with the tires. he said there would be another bus from Philly in about 20 minutes, and a bus from New York in 45 minutes.


I gathered my thoughts , and went in the rest stop to get a burger.
As soon as i got back on the bus.....TO WAIT....a bus from another company pulled in and parked beside us (God sent that bus)
It was a chinese bus from New York going to DC with only 9 people on it.........WHAT??????

I caught up with the Chinese driver and asked him how much he would charge me.
He didn't speak ENGLISH very well , but he said $10...... I UNDERSTOOD THAT!!!!

I gave him the 10 BUCKS......and we were OFF to DC.
He said we would get there by 1.
The BEST news was that we were stopping in Chinatown, where I usually take the METRO in DC
We got to DC at 12:57....I jumped off the bus......ran to the METRO.....waited 3 minutes for the to the White House at 1:15.
(Didn't I ask...AIN'T GOD GOOD???)

The Ceremony was SHORT and SWEET , and I was able to catch the 3:30 instead of 4:30 bus HOME.
I am typing this on the bus now.

The Morro of the story is:

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Anonymous said...

Dough What a testimony, when you acknowledge God in all your ways he will direct your path very inspiring.