Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BLACK Photographers at The White House

I can count the Black Photographers at the White House today on 2 fingers.....and I'm one of them!!!

White House Event #2

I've got my spot in The East Room of The White House for the final part of My day here photographing this State Ceremony Honoring The President of China

The Presidents

White House South Lawn

When they told us that still photographers could stand on the top tier of the riser .....I LISTENED!!!!!
I have a Great View....and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'm in The White House Press Briefing Room

I walked.right past all the Chinese Delegation,  showed my ID and passed through the x ray machine.
ALOT of Press here from all over the World.
WOW.....little ole me.....Lol

I made it

06 am in the morning and I am in washington dc
Thank God it was a safe ride and I'm here in the dark
Finding my way to the train station.
The megabus put me off somewhere different From what I am used to

The Freaks Come Out at Night!!!

The Megabus is Mega BUGGED!!!!!
I've got a guy in front of me listening to a Cassette Player.....A woman next to me who REEKS of WEED....and another woman in front of me listening to an ipod and BANGIN on AIR DRUMS like it's Guitar Hero!!!!!
What a NIGHT!!!!
I think they are getting off in Philly (Hallleluyer!!!!)
At least the bus has electrical outlets at every seat, and FREE WIFI!!!!!

For $30 roundtrip to D.C......IT'S A STEAL

The Megabus

Double Decker Bus