Friday, November 2, 2012

Let There be Light

Just when I was almost at my WITS END.
We followed SANDY in the Caribbean Sea while on our Cruise.
We made it HOME Saturday Night.
We LOST our LIGHTS and POWER on Monday Night
I pretended to GRIN and BEAR it...NO LIGHTS...NO POWER...NO HEAT...NO GAS.
I carried a bag to WORK everyday...LOADED with my LAPTOPS and other CHARGERS, that would hopefully keep me CONNECTED to the WORLD.
I had to CHARGE everything at WORK...since I had NO POWER.
I could have stayed with FAMILY, because SOME of them had POWER.
I wanted to EXPERIENCE what it felt like to have NO POWER.
1 night...2 nights...3 nights...4 nights...WHEN WILL THIS END???
On Tuesday I spent $40 on GAS
It gave me a little over HALF a TANK.
Gas Stations had NO POWER.
This evening after getting HOME, I went to SEARCH for GAS....FOOLISHLY using the GAS I HAD !
After SEARCHING for 3 hours...and down to ONE QUARTER TANK...I TEXTED (not a word)
As I got to my BLOCK and made the RIGHT turn...I saw the STREET LIGHTS on the first half of the BLOCK , as usual!
As I looked a LITTLE FURTHER...expecting to see DARKNESS...the STREET LIGHTS on MY END were ON.
When I pulled in my DRIVEWAY and looked up to the BEDROOM...I SAW THE LIGHT!
Thank you GOD...for YOUR POWER!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sitting in my bathroom this morning with no lights, and no power, this thought came to me:
Thank you God for another Day...and even in the DARK...I can SEE YOU...and YOUR POWER!

Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Street Doctor

I just saw the Street Doctor in front of City Hall holding the sign.
He said that it is ashamed that we don't have any signs in the city of Newark supporting our President

Photos of the Day

A barely visible Newark City Hall on a cloudy day,  taken from a closed window with my phone

Good Morning 10/3/12

Good Morning World...
Thank God for another Day!
I am back at The Plantation today, after a day off yesterday.

Have a Blessed Day!

Whatever you fear most has no power - it is your fear that has the power. - Oprah Winfrey

Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Morning World 10/1/12

Thank God for another Day...

I saw a beautiful Sunrise on my way to work this morning.
I miss the World Trade Towers but the Freedom Tower is a beautiful sight to see when I am on Route 280 on my way to work in the morning.

Obstacles will look large or small to you according to whether you are large or small. - Orison S. Maiden

Have A Blessed Day

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Olympians Visit The White House

See ALL images HERE
I visited the White House on Friday Sept. 14, 2012 for the Olympians and Paralympians Visit.
My name was not on the list to attend, even though i sent my RSVP.
I knew i didn't have a confirmation, but I stepped out on Faith, and went anyhow.
When the Secret Service Policeman told me my name was not on the list, I was able to e-mail The White House Press office on the spot.
They even apologized for any inconvenience.
God is Good!
Have a Blessed day!!! 

Photo of The Day 9/19/2012

I was in Washington Square Park in The Village (NYC), when I spotted this Entertainer.
I was reminded of the many times that I had taken shots of The World Trade Towers from the same spot