Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Morning World

My prayers go out to everyone in Boston.
Some of the best years in my life as a Shriner were spent in Boston
In the mid 90's we went to Syria Temple Ball every year
I remember the year that Otis Johnson and I got stuck in South Boston when everyone else left us when we made a  wrong turn.
We drove until we found a gas station, and when we pulled into the gas station to ask for directions no one would help us
A black cab driver pulled up and asked us  "do we know where we are"
We responded NO
He said you are in South Boston and you need to get out of here as fast as possible.

He led us out,  and we ended up at a pier near some water.
Another black cab driver found us,  and led us to the right road.

We had no idea that the racial tension was so huge there.
Although that was a bad experience, we had MANY more great times in Boston than bad.

Quote for the Day:

" If the mountain was smooth you couldn't climb it"

Have a Blessed Day!

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