Friday, September 13, 2013

Sigma Lens Repair

My MUCH used 70-200 Sigma lens (7 years old) has been pretty banged up.  I have driven to Sigma Repair in Ronkonkoma, NY once before, and it took me about an hour and a half with traffic and TOLLS.
I dreaded driving this time, so I decided to take the LIRR ( Long Island Railroad ,for those who don't know)
From NY Penn Station it is a 1:20 ride on the LIRR.
Then I had to take a taxi to Sigma from the train station.
I didn't know how much they were gonna charge me to repair the lens, but when I got there, they immediately had me fill out paperwork, and the technician came out to ask what was wrong.
I told him, and gave him the lens.
20 minutes later he came back with my repaired lens, a new rubber grip, a new lens filter,and a new lens hood...ALL FREE!!!
I was able to catch the train back an hour earlier ( I am on the train now typing this post)
Here is my cost breakdown:
Train from East Orange to NY Penn Station roundtrip $12.50
NY Penn Station to Ronkonkoma $25.50
Cab ride roundtrip from train station to Sigma $22.00
Having my lens repaired for no cost...PRICELESS!!!

"Dream is not that you see in the sleep; dream is that does not allow you to sleep." - Abdul Kalam

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