Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sunday Drive...Uptown Baby

After Church we decided to take a drive to Manhattan I wanted to go eat at Dallas BBQ and I wanted our daughter to see some of the places then I love in New York City. We went by Black Ink, Ink 124 ,then drove on 125th Street as we headed to my favorite Dallas BBQ ...Washington Heights! We ate like pigs and headed back to 125th to do some walking and browsing.

We rode through the Village, and then I went back in time and drove to Delancey and Orchard Streets. These 2 streets were the mecca for clothes shopping back in the day . Most of the store owners were Jewish and you could haggle the prices. We used to buy our daughter's leather suits every year for Easter, and they were hand made by a Russian woman.

We had a great time...laughs..jokes...memories...Blessed!!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PhotosByDAdamsJr: Let There be Light

I was brave enough last night in DC to get on stage for open Mic at Busboys and Poets.

I read a story from my blog about Hurricane Sandy