Sunday, January 4, 2015

Daily Photos 1/4/15

 Not a Pretty Picture!
I left home at 4pm, heading to Atlantic City for our Annual 2 day Shop Steward Training
I barely got on the Parkway, before i saw my tire pressure light come on. 
I was near the Irvington exit, so got off at Springfield Ave, and went to the gas station at Grove/Springfield.
The image above is what i saw, so i put air in the tire, and heard it coming out, as I put it in.
I quickly jumped in to try and make it to South Orange Ave. to the tire shop.
I made it to 16th Ave. and the tire was flat again, so I pulled in to the gas station on that corner and called AAA.
The truck got there in 15 minutes, put my spare on , and I drove to the tire shop on South Orange Ave.
It took about 10 minutes for them to plug the tire, and I was on my way at 5:30 to A.C.
Thank God!
 Since I got to A.City at 7:30, I missed our annual Boardwalk Buffet at Caesars, and I was starving.
None of the Buffets were open at the Hotel, and I didnt feel like walking outside, so I went to the Noodle Bar Restaurant and paid $16 for this QUART of Shrimp/Chicken Fried Rice
 View from my room

 Above images from my Room at Caesars