Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Last 44...Day 13

Good Morning World
Thank God for another Day!
Today's image is from, in my opinion, the most important Ceremony this Nation has to offer.
The Medal of Honor.
As a Disabled Veteran myself, I am constantly reminded of the Service and Sacrifice given to this Country by those who have lost limbs, lives, and some who have even lost their minds.
I  have tried to make every one of these Ceremonies as possible over the last 7 years, and I am Proud to have served.
This Medal was given to Command Major Sergeant Bennie G. Adkins, and you can view the video Here
Have a Blessed Day!
President Obama presents Medal of Honor to
Command Sergeant Major Bennie G. Adkins
The White House East Room
September 15, 2014

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