Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Last 44...Day 3

This was my first time in The Oval Office.
There are some photo ops that are set up for the Pool of Photographers who work at The White House every day.
They work for some of the big media outlets, CNN,ABC,NBC...etc
I managed to slip in with the Press Pool for this shot.
It was a State Dinner Visit by British PM David Cameron, and his wife.
There is a Review of the Military on The South Lawn, then the two Leaders have a photo op in The Oval Office, and then questions are answered from the media, in The Rose Garden, or The East Room 
( depending on weather)
It was very hot that day, so I had on a floppy hat to protect my head from the heat.
I was so nervous, that i nearly tripped over a few people in the Oval Office.
You can see President Obama glaring at me, as I forgot to take off my BIG BRIMMED FLOPPY HAT...LOL
March 14, 2012
British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama
meet in The Oval Office

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