Monday, December 12, 2016

The Last 44...Day 5

Good Morning World!
First, let me thank God for 54 years of life.
Not only for life, but a FULL LIFE.
God has opened doors for me, and put me in places that I could have only dreamed.
I am forever Grateful to God for His Grace and Mercy.
Today's image in this series was taken at JFK Airport in Queens NYC.
President Obama, and The First Lady came to visit the 911 Memorial, on the 10th Anniversary of the worst attack on American Soil.
Most times, when the President lands at an Airport, he will great the crowd, and shake hands.
This was different...somber.
It was pretty windy on this visit, so the First Lady had to continuously hold her dress, and was even helped a few times, by The President.
Have a Blessed Day!!!
September 11, 2011
Ground Zero Visit, NYC
JFK Airport, Queens

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