Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Last 44...Day 32 (President Obama's last 44 days in Office)

Hello World
Thank God for another Day!
Foe those of you who are just catching on, I started posting my own images of the Obama Presidency on December 8th, which started his last 44 days as President.
I am now at day 32, with 12 days left.
I hope you have enjoyed my images, and some of the short stories behind them.
Today's image is from the second Inauguration of President Obama.
Instead of hanging at The National Mall, I decided to stay at The White House and wait for The First Family to come from Church, and then leave for the Inauguration.
There were only about 15 of us there, and we were on a Riser in front of the White House.
This shot is President Obama and Senator Charles Schumer on their way to the Inauguration.
Have a Blessed Day!
President Obama and Senator Charles Schumer
departing The White House for Inauguration
The White House North Portico
January 21, 2013

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