Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Last 44...Day 35 (President Obama's last 44 days in Office)

Good Morning World
Thank God for another Day!
Today's image in my series is one that I often have to fight very hard to obtain.
I Love being in position when The President walks into The East Room.
I always try to get to the White House early enough for the "preset"
(before event setup of cameras and equipment to hold your spot for the event. The White House Press Corps is respectful of each others equipment and positions. You can leave your equipment in the room for hours, with no fear of theft)
I always try to set up close to the rope on the right side of The East Room, and although there are ladders and other video equipment set up, I always find a way to squeeze a few shots of the entrance of POTUS and FLOTUS.
Have a Blessed Day!
President and Mrs. Obama enter 
The White House East Room 
for Medal of Freedom Ceremony
November 20, 2013

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