Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dr. Adams

 Over the last 16 years, while in classes, 
I have watched this woman GROW.
She first turned our dining room into her library and study place, with books and papers all over the table and floors, and chairs.
Then she turned our bedroom into her study room, with a folding table, books and papers all over the place.
Now for this Doctorate Degree, We turned our daughters old  bedroom into an office and workspace with plenty of space for books, praying, and jumping around. 
She bought the furniture, and I put the furniture together, layed the floor, and painted. She even has a small pull out futon, for when she was sleepy, but needed to remain in that "Space". It has been a journey! 
I have pulled up in the driveway sometimes, and you would think someone was killing her .She was being "Purged".
I've watched as she studied, studied, and studied to show herself "Approved", as I just  "let her be". 

I am SO VERY PROUD of her, and "Thankful to God", because as she "Grew"...so did I!
Congratulations to my Beauty...
Dr. Wanda Adams